Made in North America, the InFocus Infinity screen 4K HDR TVs provide a window into the future – with all of the right technology that consumers demand in an affordable TV. No matter the content being viewed, the experience of watching a picture literally drip off the edge of the screen is exhilarating, putting life InFocus.





Let the world come alive in 4K HDR. View exceptional colors and details better than before with stunning high dynamic range technology. Enjoy crispness and depth with darker blacks and whiter whites in every image. Experience vivid colors and detailed contrast so lifelike you’d swear you were there in person. 






With the power of a quad-core processor, the TV will be able to take whatever you throw at it so fast, you won’t believe it’s real life. A true experience to remember.


With Infinity Screen 2.0 you’ll see every detail without the distraction of thick bezels. Experience the viewing pleasure you deserve, and get the most out of your TV.



All InFocus models feature Android TV, keeping your viewing pleasure at the center of focus. For all those shows you can't stop watching or have yet to start, you can pick and choose, binge, or just start and stop on a seamless user interface that just makes sense. Find, connect and stream instantly from a massive collection of the most popular channels. 







The initial lineup of InFocus TVs will be available in retail stores across the US and Canada in March 2020. Additional models from 32” to 80”, built on the Roku smart TV platform, will be available in Q3 2020. Stay up to date on what's happening at InFocus TV. Company Announcements are listed on our News page.


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